...and the band was called iMi...

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iMi is a Helsinki based band consisting of Annu the singer and Maru the beat maker. iMi played its first gig in Copenhagen in 2012 and has been making electronic music, sweet love and amazing live shows ever since.

iMi's shows are a mixture of a band gig and a performance. Various characters have visited the stage during the shows; iMi wants to break the remaining sexual, gender and identity boundaries by forcing itself to step out of its comfort zone via these fabulous queer characters.

iMi wants to bring love and respect into people's lives. iMi believes in equality and in everyone's right to choose which toilet door to use.

tel. +358 50 342 5476

iMi press photos by Maarit Kotiranta 2014.


"How about iMi? Cool as Hell, take you high
We will take you dancing..."

iMi live visuals and website by iamatv.com